about The Barn

65% funded
Thanks to your donations, we’ve raised £65,434.39 of our £100,000.00 target - thank you!

What is The Barn?

The Barn is an exciting new build performance venue at Ringwood School, Hampshire. The project is the result of four years hard work in planning and obtaining funding for a refreshed, safe eating space for our students which has paved the way for this new facility offering the entire community of Ringwood a totally new, flexible performance space.

Concert Sound System

Be immersed in rich, deep sound. Our sound system is designed to be effective in small, intimate presentations and large scale touring productions.

650 Seat Capacity

Luxurious retractable seating with an audience capacity of up to 650. Our fully flexible system offers a vast array of seating layouts to accommodate every need.

Sound Reinforcement

Your event needs to be heard! Discreet sound reinforcement system will ensure your message gets across.

Fully Accessible

The fully accessible auditorium provides facilities for every member of the community.

Eco Credentials

The environment is really important to us. The Barn construction includes sustainable materials and a Solar PV system to generate electricity.

Lighting System

Full, retractable lighting rig to give full flexibility of lighting the entire space. Our expansive range of theatre and stage lighting provides endless lighting possibilities.

How has it been funded?

The Barn is a part of a wider project to improve the dining facilities for students at Ringwood School. The current school ‘hall’ is small, outdated and is used throughout the day and into the evenings for a vast array of uses. The school needed a dedicated dining space to provide a safe, warm and dry environment for students to buy food and eat.

The school approached the Education and Skills Funding Agency for financial support. The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is an annual bidding round for eligible academies, sixth-form colleges and voluntary aided (VA) schools to apply for capital funding. The priority for the fund is to address significant condition need, keeping education provider buildings safe and in good working order. This includes funding projects to address health and safety issues, building compliance and poor building condition.

Five options were considered in finding the best resolution and location to our problem, including extending the current building and providing a totally new, stand alone kitchen and eating space.

After four years of bidding, in 2021 the CIF fund supported our bid of £2.3m to refurbish the existing hall into a dedicated eating space, and building a totally new, stand alone space for larger school events; The Barn and The Stables were born!

Ringwood is a very ambitious school, always looking to go that little bit further. Over the years we have been following with interest other projects locally which have looked to provide an event space. With further support and fundraising, The Barn will become the event space that is so desperately needed.

Our additional Fundraising efforts

So how much do we need? Well, £100,000 is the answer. This additional funding will ensure the The Barn is suitable to meet all our ambitions, and The Stables to be transformed into a clean, modern dining space for out students. Gone are the days of our students sitting on wet concrete for lunch and having to get cover in toilets and corridors during wet weather!

Who will it support?

The Barn has been designed to support all activities within the school, but of course, it will site idle out of term time and during many evenings and weekends. This is the really exciting bit! The Barn can offer a venue like no other locally. The technical installation will allow all manner of plays, productions and events to be held here. Businesses may look to us to host meetings and seminars; touring companies will be looking for venues for one-night events including comedy and stand up shows and, of course, we’ll be able to bring movies on a big screen right here in Ringwood.

The opportunities provided by The Stables are endless. Not only will 250 students be able to sit and eat in comfort, but during the school day the space will be used for breakout work including supporting all our school clubs and groups including Mental Health, LGBTQ+ and much more.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways you can help us. We are looking for families to really support their children who attend the school in fundraising initiatives and events. You can join our Camping Rally’s in 2022 – bring your friends a a few nights under the stars and join in our games and entertainment, sponsor your child during the Ringwood School Colour Run 2022, support one of the many planned events both during the fundraising effort and long after.