Concert Sound System

Be immersed in rich, deep sound. Our sound system is designed to be just as effective in small, intimate presentations as it is for touring productions.

650 Seat Capacity

Luxurious retractable seating with an audience capacity of up to 650. Our fully flexible system offers a vast array of seating layouts to accommodate every need.

Sound Reinforcement

Your event needs to be heard! Discreet sound reinforcement system will ensure your message gets across.

Fully Accessible

The fully accessible auditorium provides facilities for every member of the community.

Eco Credentials

The environment is really important to us. The Barn construction includes sustainable materials and a Solar PV system to generate its’ own electricity.

Lighting System

Full, retractable lighting rig to give full flexibility of lighting the entire space. Our expansive range of theatre and stage lighting provides endless lighting possibilities.